Tweaking the Retail Experience at Dellis Furniture


Branding, Customer Experience, UX/UI Design

When I joined Dellis, a business that had been around for over 40 years, their need for a fresh strategy was overwhelming.



The first thing we needed to do was to stop what we were doing (and listen to our clients)

When a business never stops, it becomes hard to reflect on ways to make things better, so I started to allocate down time to map the most common comments made by people walking through our doors.

My goal was to understand their views on what matters most when it comes to a retail experience. From then on, every person to walk into our shop became a source of information.


We learnt we were able to address certain concerns straight away

Based on what our customers were saying, we started to implement quick tweaks such as improving our content strategy, coming up with new ways to promote our products, improving our sales pitch to address problems that were frequently mentioned to us and so on.

Our newsletters went from a way to advertise sales to a source of inspiration and we saw our subscriber list become bigger.

0 Dellis_EDM+copy.jpg

We also re-designed our brand to match our customers’ expectations

AusMade Flyer-Dellis_high.jpg

And we used the information we gathered to design a new online platform

Once we knew what our customers needed, it was easy to come up with an online platform that offered the experience they deserved. On there they find answers to frequently asked questions as well as inspiration and easy ways to achieve the look they like.

Dellis - Microsite Mockup.jpg