Save Our Children

A sustainable charity model to help all kids become part of the next generation of Australia.


Focus: Service Design, Creative Problem Solving

Client: Save The Children Australia


The Problem

Schools in Victoria provide limited indigenous education in their Year 5 curriculum activities. Which leaves many children unfamiliar with Australian history.

Parents feel they are not donating and/or giving back to the community enough.
Indigenous communities are eager to share their culture but do not get opportunities.

Teachers appreciate the importance of such education and demand changes but are not receiving support from schools/parents.

Save The Children brand is not very strong in Australia.

Research Insights

We feel uncomfortable when accosted by traditional fundraising practices and we simply do not donate as a result.

Research shows that there are no fundraising practises involving children or indigenous communities.

We are at a loss because we want to donate but can’t find the right cause.

Parents are passionate about bringing up children with a solid values driven foundation.

 Current State Diagram

Current State Diagram


What We Propose

A membership program that gives our kids better understanding of the Koori culture through well-curated immersive cultural experiences both in and out of schools.


The program consists of 2 main components:

Save Our Children, The Day (one off $10)

A half-yearly immersive experience for year 5 students that happens during a school day.  At this event, students welcome indigenous groups and kids about their age in order to familiarise with the Koori culture, ask questions and learn that not all kids live such a great life. Students and Koori kids have the opportunity to play and enjoy a traditional meal together, forming a bond that can be nourished later on through pen-palling.


The Members Club ($10/month)

A paid on-going program that aims to cultivate friendships and better understanding between our children that involves community visits,  field trips, traditional weaving / language / cooking classes, and lots of other experiences they can do together.


Together, these components have the power to change the way students perceive Koori children and their culture, growing towards a more inclusive future. 



Our program resonates with users' core values

The one thing a parent wants is to provide values and relevant education to their children. Save Our Children promotes social, cultural, and historical education, as well as a chance to get to know and develop bonds with indigenous kids.


It’s got enough room to grow

Our model can easily be replicated to suit different environments. There are over two thousand schools in Victoria only. Australia wide, this number multiplies around 5 times. Not to mention retirement villages, workers groups and associations, and corporate partners.


It doesn’t rely on grants or fundraising

Save Our Children is not fundraising, it’s an experience. 


Merchandising: another revenue stream

Once the program hits the ground and social media is pumping with fresh content, merchandising featuring the rich indigenous art can be developed for an extra revenue stream. Pins, bags, t-shirts, caps, bandanas...
There’s a whole lot we can do. 


In the end, everyone’s a winner

Schools: incorporate government curriculum requirements while making school fun.

Kids: make new friends they would not meet elsewhere and learn to live and respect different cultures.

Koori: are given opportunities to feel accepted and included and make new friends.

Save The Children: become top of mind for everyone involved in the program and the propeller to a better future for Australia.


Our children’s future has no space for boundaries, no black or white, no Us and Them. We are one world, one energy, one heartbeat. Educating our kids towards inclusion is the only way forward.